Mobile or Text message Marketing provides you, the Auto Repair shop owner (or almost any other other business owner) the unprecedented some time to connect with your prospects on a personal level and right away. You can actually just have your messages, ads and offers seen over 97% of the time.

That's because you're putting your message right in the palm of their hand - with regards to their phone! Users have to permission received to receive your shows. That's telling you that they are curious about what you're doing and wish to receive your offers.

Why does text message marketing work so better? It works because you're meeting the buyer and prospect where THEY are and they are mobile. Just look at most of the facts:

1) Right witout a doubt, there are over 275 million mobile phones across the country alone

2) Over 90% of voicemails get read within quarter-hour of being received

3) Due to 97% of messages get seen or read.

At no other amount of time in our history has a technology has grown into so widely accepted and used by many in such an incredibly short time. There are billions of sales messages sent every day. Are in reality, some consider text messaging their primary manner of communications. So why wouldn't you market your Auto Repair shop for many years where they are. They're for phones because they're transportable.

Although the general public has truly only been text messaging for lots of short years, texting has become a part of most people's every day-to-day lives lives.

When you can uncover your Auto Repair shop messages of these phone in a variety of a message, you know when you are seen. Statistics and surveys imply that over 90% of them get read within 15 minutes of being received. All this, over 97% get look into. How does that equate to that ad or flyer that you choose to put out to market your Auto Repair shop?

Besides, if you still are not satisfied that people take their mobile phone seriously, it's been shown that (on average) It does take 26 hours for the average person to report a lost wallet while it takes merely 68 minutes to backdrop a lost phone. (Source Unisys)

If you are still wondering if text message marketing maintains your Auto Repair shop, check this out. Mobile coupons and press get 10 times the redemption rate of interest traditional printed coupons. Therefore that's sweet!



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