You are an motor vehicle service director just forgetting the General Manager's office, he asks you why the effort with order count is hardly growing. What is the answer? How do you has the service department business in tough times?

Well, the basic answer is customer loyalty and person retention. But, we find that customer loyalty went out the window with the cassette motion picture.

In today's economy, with an independent repair center and express lube hanging around every corner how might you keep the customers done? You must keep them also engaged. You must keep your automotive service business the surface of the mind, you must ensure that your automotive service business surface of their mind when the following buy need happens, together with service need arises.

Top of this mind awareness is when your dealership service department owns that space relating to the customer's ears, and they think about you and only you as early as the time for service develops. So, how do you achieve the surface of the mind awareness?

First, let's look a basic service department advertising hints. A typical service department will be sending out a quarterly tri-fold mailer to in their database. As well, they have a reminder letter that is out when they think a consumer is due for keep up. That is it! This represents 90% of automotive dealerships around the world. A mailer, and a reminder. Others will say, i have seen loyal customers. Typical commitment and customer retention is 28-34%, but what about the other 68-72% or customers which happen to be easily swayed?

To achieve the surface of the mind awareness, your name must constantly be as you're watching customer at all nowadays. But, not with products. Typical dealership marketing strategy as described property Paragraph above, is constantly telling one, "BUY MY SERVICE"! The surface of the mind awareness tells one, "Here is a tip at saving money on insurance", or "Here are 7 tips for your next roadtrip". You are finding a relationship.

With typical marketing (this is termed "Push" marketing) a customer will tune get you started. With Top of your head awareness marketing (this known as "Pull" marketing, or attraction marketing) You keep the customer engaged originating from timely, useful, and school information. Then when them need arises, they will produced you, the dealership that built the amazing relationship with the target. Now, that is auto service marketing strategy.

Now, it can get very expensive managing your name, and brand spanning your customers at all times. The best way and cost effective way to accomplish totally free through an Email promoting.


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