You preserve money if you repair comfortable roof yourself. If you consider this, you probably own a convertible and understand or know that soft roofs can be quite fragile. They can get ripped by the weather conditions or perhaps vandals. Your first instinct will be to take your car in order to professional, but the repair be expensive and your car throughout immobilized for few your website.

The instructions below will assist to fix your roof top yourself younger than £ 7.

Things you might need:

  • With this procedure you do not need any patch.

  • A cloth to neat and dry the surface becoming fixed.

  • A water-resistant fabric glue. I suggest you use Stormsure adhesive. It is in order to, works on almost constantly surfaces, is waterproof, abrasion resistant also it stays flexible after drying out.

How to move to repair your soft ceiling?

First, you must discover where is the skin damage. Sometimes, the leak or even hole will be eliminate. If not, take your car to the car cleaning, stay inside and determine the water comes from.

Second, want clean and dry the cover top.

Third, Stick a piece of tape within the soft roof. The tape will maintain the two sides your rip together.

Then, backyard of the soft ceiling, apply a thin obstacle of Stormsure adhesive close to rip.

Finally, let it became dry overnight. And there you are. It is ready.

How to take care of your roof top

You can prevent damage the soft roof by:

Following what's left manufacturer's manual. Most individuals don't read it. You should protect the rooftop top from ultraviolet, solution and dirt. The how one can do it is to experience a chemical with a fluorocarbon rejecting system. You will locate several good product online.


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