Most family are not important people in politics or CEO's of anywhere in the world organizations. This means the safety is not quite possibly jeopardized by crazed assassins going up against machine guns, and so generally we don't should cruising around in the next unarmored vehicle. Lucky considering out bank account!

However, many of us continue in cities with high prison rates or often check-out shady areas where group of people members and drive by shootings commonly occur. If this is your situation you intend to consider installing bullet proof glass rrnside your vehicle as an regarding safety precaution.

What is industrial strength glass made of?

Bullet proof glass can be produced in many ways, but usually it's by way of layering a polycarbonate material between sheets of on average glass. This creates translucent glass like material that is thicker than usual glass. The thickness of bullet resistant glass are vastly different between 7-75 millimeters.

If a bullet strikes

What occurs when a bullet strikes this particular glass? Generally, it will pierce the outside layer only. That's where the bullet stops. The reason for this may polycarbonate material is ready to absorb the bullet's energy and its destruction power dead in the packages tracks (pun intended).

However, if being gunned down in your car is a serious notice, you may want to finance bullet resistant glass fashionable fully armored car. In our time cars will stop per bullet from entering your truck at all. Contact a respected Utah auto glass supplier for questions and setting up.



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