Over many years' skill and constant exposure to rainwater, sleet, snow and ice a auto's body panels can begin to be prone to corrosion and eventually transforms into punctured. Of course these punctures or holes can actually look ugly and lower immediately your car at re-sell, as well as possibly make the actual car structure get started on weaken.

Before this happens there happens to be product that you is able to use that will repair the holes, stop the corrosion that assist you restore the major panels to like-new considerations.

Bondo is the name of that product, and Bondo putty is the filler you should repair the holes and make a nice, tight new seal over many car or trucks unwanted panel areas. Bondo putty is usually sold to grow 'kit' with the machine and basic tools the next phase is accomplish small repairs. Inspite of, if you want a finished product that looks like an expert did it, you should follow the procedure below:

  1. First, before starting any used car or truck repair job, thoroughly wash the vehicle so as to get all your ways ready.

  2. Mark the damaged area and then a thick marker, allowing extra room for rust or other damage that's weakened the metal.

  3. Using a 'rat tail' file bore with the edges of the hole using laterally strokes along the huge amount perimeter. Grind down the rusted areas til you have reached good, solid gold, removing all the rusted known as corroded areas completely.

  4. Nest, fasten a wire brush wheel upon the power drill and sand the mark area until you get bare metal, leaving no paint behind in your community you marked earlier. When finished wipe the region completely with some paint thinner developing a soft rag to ease grease or oil.

  5. If the area getting repaired is small cover it from inside with a piece of duct-tape affirming it adheres well. For larger holes otherwise you areas cut a fix using wire screen this is certainly large enough to cover hole, overlapping it anyway two inches.

  6. Next technique the Bondo putty as directed.

  7. Apply a thick layer of putty to the underside edges around the damaged area utilizing the spatula supplied with the Bondo. For smaller holes, smooth it nicely to the hole and feather outwards about the metal. For larger areas, center the screen to the hole and use when the spatula to smooth in both Bondo over the screen and also feather. Allow the putty to dry based on directions.

  8. Once dehydrated, mix some more Bondo and apply a thin layer over the screen on the planet underside of the denseness panel. Let the putty dry as stated by directions.

  9. With your third Bondo application ideally , use a thick layer in that a outward, fan-like motion using supplied squeegee. You want a layer thick enough that it's a higher than the all over metal. Let dry.

  10. With a trendy sanding block and 200 grit sandpaper, sand the putty in a tiny circular motion, leaving some putty beyond the metal surface.

  11. Using six hundred grit paper, you next enjoy sand completely down within good metal around when the damaged area, using smooth motions and delicate force. You can switch to 1000 grit should you and the finish will be even better. Change your sandpaper when it clogs.

  12. It's achievable, if this is before you start using Bondo and repairing a shape panel, that your first try might not produce splits you desire. If that is the situation just mix up you have to be Bondo, smooth it on, let it dry and try sanding it down again.

  13. Once finished to your satisfaction the area is expecting primer and paint.


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