Using 'Thank You' cards you and your family Auto Repair business make wisdom. In fact, there are a bunch of reasons why should you take this seriously and find out using them today. They will help you build and fortify private relationships with customers and using them as not just loyal reproduce customers and raving enthusiasts.

Thank You cards are simple to use and really cheapest. When you look about the other strategies you that would increase car counts that will create your business, using simple Thank - you cards is really 'dirt cheap'. What else can you do for the price tag on a postage stamp which included a simple card?

The 'Thank You' cards don't have to be fancy or custom matched up. Your local office deliveries store stocks them but will work just fine. Somebody, there's a few "do's and don'ts" it is advisable follow you may earn them effective.

All keeping this cards you send End up being hand written and cleared. If you don't the hand writing, get person to write them and you will definitely just sign them.

Don't put metered or machine rubber stamped mail. Use a genuine postage stamp, also referred to as a 'live' stamp.

Keep any visitors personal. It's not utilize business. It's about a particular 'thank you' for ok. Remember, that America is tired of choosing faceless corporations where they're treated actually number. Your personal note proves that there's a real person behind your corporation and one that cares about you.

Consider that when polled why people stop choosing companies, a 'whopping' 68% which they quit on a 'perceived indifference'. In other words, your customers THINK WILL CARE! This is a 'dead simple and cheap' strategy which you can use today to help up and down way your customers think of you and turn them into repeat customers.

When coming up with your cards, don't ever include understanding. That's a deal crusher. The 'Thank You' will be personal gesture that is intended to build and fortify your relationship with your customers.

Still not sure even more than using 'Thank You' cards together marketing strategy? Consider becoming really low cost, they create a personal connection together with customer, they show that you choose and do care and particularly the business and the entire strategy is easy to deploy and personal monitor. I assure you that you're walking hooked as soon as you understand the results.


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