Image having signs in your waiting room to the QR code for each of the services you receive. One QR code directs people to a page about have the brake service (and exactly like promotion) Another code could direct these a page about alignment or A/C Service. The uses could positive.

But in so some cases, business set up an everyday QR code and direct traffic to a regular website. Which is a huge mistake.

Recent studies show that when visitors scan a QR code and have absolutely directed to a regular website that isn't intended to display on their hand held device, quite often they just click away. All the work a person into getting that prospect or educating the shopper just went down the drain.

Sure, smartphone users can 'squeeze' as well as at 'pinch' their screens to see, but you've just made it a lot harder for them to get the information ready to after. Above that, your regular website was created to be viewed on personal computers or notebook computer, not a smartphone. Smartphone users still agree to a premium for data and bandwidth plus you've got to respect that. Your regular website pages are too large and (most likely) contain many graphics and pictures.

How do you fix this issue so you get the most from QR Codes? Simple. You require create a mobile address list. Mobile websites are may be a scaled down version of their regular website and provide the particular information the user you'll want. In most cases, it should quickly provide What you do, WHERE your are and Can anyone help me contact you.

With respect to using the range of QR codes, the same old really applies. Make individual pages that provide the basic information about all those people services. Go one step further and make a coupon or special offer for that service.

If you're an exceptionally smart marketing, right on the page you create a link to uncover the visitor 'text' you for that coupon. That way, you'll get a customer now and getting them on your Message List, you can still market to them with offers and specials.

When you use QR codes to own your Auto Repair business and attempt to increase your car counts, don't make the mistake of sending traffic to your regular website. It will not work because most must 'click' away.


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