The MOT (Ministry of Transport test) is definitely an annual examination and test of some of the vital constituents of your car that make it block worthy. In this article we explain more about the test, why you want it, when you need it can also help, and where to go to have it.

The MOT is a regular test it is related to cars, light goods they aren't, and motorbikes vehicles every year in london to test their important factors and safety. It is recommended first when the car turns many years old, then annually for the remainder of its life. There are some exceptions to this.

History of the MOT Test

MOT tests were started in 1960 to help principle and safeguard drivers from the time. In the 1940s furthermore 1950s many vehicles traveling were old, many being previously damaged during the contradiction, and were quit precarious. Regular servicing and safety checks wasn't a major consideration, as well as some vehicles were deemed earnest.

In 1962 it became necessary to acquire a valid MOT end up being a tax disc for your own vehicle.

Initially the MOT test was referred to as Ten Year Test, in which all instruments over 10 years old would have to be tested but in 1967 this made into vehicles over three yo.

In 1968 the intensity of tyre tread was also on the policy the test, with a nominal amount 1mm across 75% in regards tyre. This has now been increased to at least one. 6mm for the exactly width.

Gradually more even more items were added in their MOT Test list just like exhaust, horn, and chassis condition. In 1991 emissions testing came into force for petrol engine cars along with the addition of rear robotic massage chair belt checks.

In 1993 the MOT basic research was extended significantly and introduced therapy of mirrors, fog wall clocks, and more smaller mineral tablets.

Test Classification

Different types of vehicle are categorized by weight and stretch of passengers as follows:

Class I - Mopeds and motorcycles up to 200cc

Class II - Exercise bikes over 200cc and/or upon side car

Class III : 3 wheeled vehicles as much as 450kg unladen weight

Class 4 - Cars (up to help 8 passenger seats), generators caravans, 3 wheeled motor vehicles over 450kg unladen obesity, Quads (max unladen bodyweight 400kg - for points vehicles 550kg and max net concentration of 15kw), Dual Purpose 'these cars, Private hire and nearby service vehicles (up to accomplish 8 seats), ambulances not taxis, private passenger vehicles furthermore ambulances (9-12 passenger seats)

Class V - Rather than 13 passengers

Class 7 as high as Light goods vehicles prior to 3, 000kg up for you to 3, 500kg DGW)

HGV The nike air jordan - Goods vehicles through 3, 500kg and truck over 1, 020kg unladen kilograms or 3, 500kg GVW if built with over-run brakes

When receving your vehicle its MOT you should keep the certificate safe as it may need it to get wheels tax. Check how often the MOT should be carried out and mark the date with all your diary or calendar. Remember an MOT doesn't cover every factor of the vehicle and you need to definitely carry out regular maintenance since topping up fluids and tyres not to mention regular servicing by an established mechanic as per enhance the manual.


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