The Purpose
Primer surfacer relates to the final step or your final chance to produce the ideal surface with the clear texture before painting. Scratches and small imperfections must be used repaired with this cramm primer. Filling is the main purpose in this field of primer, you can it is known as a final filler. We finished our body filler or glazing putty in order to really 150 grit, feather surrounded, cleaned the surface, hidden, applied two coats of predominantly epoxy, and now we're happy to apply primer surfacer.

Flash and Window Ladies
After the epoxy is just applied, you can now apply the primer surfacer. Be certain to allow the epoxy to offer you flash the recommended account of time. The manufacture procedure page will confirm how long of a point in time time needed before the front coating. With PPG you need let it flash or at best 30 minutes. However, you also have a window. This is the time that you need to apply another coat with no sanding. Most epoxies think of a long window time. The epoxy that i'm familiar with has type of 72 hour window. If you have ever wait more than 72 hours to employ the primer surfacer, it ought to be lightly scuffed to determine proper adhesion.

Adhesion - Mechanical rather Chemical
I keep revealing adhesion. I would like to inflate on this and tell you why people that use the. Adhesion is just extra word for stick-to. To put it differently, in upcoming lessons i will refer to glue as adhesives. In order keep clear of body filler, primer, ideas for painting, etc, it needs to stick to the surface. There are two a quick way to provide adhesion. The first grows to mechanical adhesion. This is why we sand the appeared before we apply the approval. That is why it's so important to sand the edges extremely good. If a panel is definitely peel, chances are that it may start peeling from good results. The second type when considering adhesion is chemical adhesion. This means there is still a chemical be used for two products. For taste, the 72 hour window using your epoxy primer is the time the surface will were designed for the chemical bond. After this unique, the chemical bond abolish adhere. That is why bash 72 hour window, the surface will have to be re-sanded. Since we not anymore have the chemical adhesion, we have got the mechanical adhesion in order to takes it's place.

Applying The miscroscopic Primer Surfacer
Alright, I grabbed rabbit trail, but I wanted to be sure you understand flash occassions, window times, and the kinds of adhesion. Now, let's details applying the primer surfacer. After the epoxy works to make flashed of the recommended certain period of time, apply your first cover of primer surfacer. Only apply enough to pay for epoxy primer. Check the procedure page to choose the recommended number of coats needed to offer the desired thickness or devices. Normally, two - three coats are enough. I usually apply two wet coats allowing each coat to flash of all of the. Apply each addition coat hardly any inches past the getting the right coat.

What's Next?
We've applied epoxy primer to supply additional adhesion and corrosion protection. Then we allowed primer surfacer to populate the minor scratches and the small imperfections. Now we're in order to apply guide coat and extremely block sand the federal government. We'll discuss that throughout the another article.

By Donnie Smith


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