When your employees come to work each day, you're entitled to expect that they are "thinking" about their job running shoes doing it. The "thinking" part includes considering a customer's concerns, performing a total diagnosis, and concentrating what is the best they're doing with day time service or repair. While they are distracted by other individuals, or taking a contact their cell phone, then you don't only not get what you're allowed to (which is their full concentration on the job), but it are likely to lead to a failure. Just as we all would expect that a surgeon wouldn't be talking on the smartphone while operating, your customers have the authority to know that your personnel are 100% focused when executing their brakes, suspension, etcetera. Excessive cell phone use will inevitably occur without a rigorous, clearly communicated auto shop management policy available.

So do this: Achieve employee meeting and tell your entire people that the single, most important thing for is the safety of them employees and the safety of your respective customers. Tell them that your enterprise policy now states that cell phones need to be turned off and set aside when employees come to work, period. Employees will often feel like this policy is not fair and infringes upon a right that they are entitled to, so be certain to tell them that this plan is not being implemented to increase productivity, but guard the well-being of your list. With this new automobile shop management policy fascinated, they will be allowed to retrieve messages and return calls when they are on break or in the case of lunch. If they tell you certainly they're concerned that someone might have to reach them in a disaster situation, just tell them all they'll want to do is assure their immediate colleagues, baby-sitters, schools, etc., all have the shop phone fraction.

So don't let the tail wag doggie. If you do, time will come when you'll pay a price, and that price may be a serious injury or loosing life. The stars that show you how will understand the reason behind this policy, and why it is so important. Those who don't probably will be gone in a brief time period anyway. Lastly, make sure this auto shop management policy has your employee handbook and disclosed jointly candidate for employment.


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