This article is your third article in a five-part series that details what you need to market your Auto Body Shop and create a successful business.

Your Auto Body Shop marketing materials should feed on professional copywriting conventions to motivate prospects for it. Follow this four-step surgical treatment for incredible copy that motivates response:

Four steps for offering winning copy

Craft an attention-getting headline - It doesn't matter what marketing medium, your headline is what we draws readers in-to the rest of your copy. Make a courageous statement that solves any customers' problems, alleviates queries or fulfills desires. If at all possible, include your offer included in your headline.

Highlight your benefits - Amateurs talk about features; professionals highlight significance. If you offer in one auto body undercarriage end up maintenance (feature), you have to tell your audience that this means they'll never have to worry about chassis rust (benefit).

Develop an excellent offer - Great offers sell anything. Consider your services from your customers' point-of-view. What would it take methods to act? Your offer should have value of one's customers and be time limited obtain the greatest response in the shortest time.

Motivate with a call to action - Tell your audience in no uncertain terms the must do next. Provide multiple response channels and try to cater to everyone.

Example Auto Body Shop postcard duplicate:

The Class of your car Speaks to the Group of the Man.
Stay rust-free with RUSTGONE

Whether the fight girl is a '57 Chevy or even bright red Beretta indexed Dolly, you're going to fix her. That's what a tasteful man does. You wouldn't let anything spoil your ex undercarriage. Protect your gain with RUSTGONE.

Call 555-555-5555 or flock to bobsbodyshop. com to do it right.

Adding value

One superb device to improve the shelf life of these Auto Body Shop promotions is to grab value to them up from including coupons, helpful index charts and graphs, tips, and additional useful information that increases influence and motivates effect.


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