You would need:

1. 2 or 3 proceeds 18mm masking tape

2. Newsprint (full size sheets)

3. Report (average size)

4. Safety razor blade

Masking windows

Lay out on a flat surface, eight full size sheet sets of newspaper stacked in addition to each other. Now pull out the particular sheet about 25mm and operate a complete strip of 18mm masking tape within edge about 6mm with your paper. Pull out rogues to bottom sheet for one 50mm, over the surface of the first, and do as many. Carry on until almost all sheets are taped, overlapping each sheet about 25mm more the most effective way.

Before applying the sheets kinds windows, run a strip of masking tape with edges of the small or window rubbers. Pay careful attention to make sure the tape is certainly not so big touching the paint tasks, or showing part regarding any window rubber, or steel molding. Press down the outside edges firmly in route.

When this is done, peel off the top sheet for the previously taped newspaper, and stick the taped edge with your tape applied earlier through the window, positioning the sheet to spend as much area as feasible.

Now fold the overlapping edges inward so as not to trap dust, and tape the others edges onto the tape that surrounds your window. Try and use extensive strips of tape rather than short pieces. A long piece stretched tight will hold a straight line.

Side windows can normally be covered with one sheet, and front and are still rear screens two. Very deep screens may need four sheets.

Always tape joins from your sheets completely to prevent over spray during or the paper billowing in the air whilst spraying.

The razor blade may be used to trim any large overabundance paper from an upsetting shape before taping.

Masking moldings

Chrome moldings, of doors handles, small lights, etcetera. are best covered some by tape. Headlights, posterior lights, and larger article, are more quickly covered using same technique as for windows, but by technique for smaller pages of a novel. Use the razor electric shaver to trim excess line from any narrow moldings.

Bumpers though grilles

These are plain discomforting, and are best tackled divergent windows, but before low dye strapping, fold sheets length ways to offer a narrow, more easily collectable shape. Don't be too fussy to turn into neat under the fender edges. These areas normally remain free of heavy over spray.

Do a great recheck of all hiding when finished, particularly the sides.


It is desirable to afford wheels completely, particularly or else to be painted. If they are to be painted, they could be left uncovered as tyre paint will hide over spray on old tyres.

Old shirts make correct wheel covers. Sacks or old sheets vunerable to adapted.


If the exterior only can be painted, mask any door rubbers this is often visible through the gaps through the closed doors.

If the door-shuts should really be painted, the doors open during spraying, or the threshold rubbers have been downed, it will be necessary to cover the seats and dashboard. Old sheets or rugs are perfect for the seats, whilst newspaper taped with their inside or the windscreen and hanging down over the dash, normally protects this area. Make sure that the perimeters of the dash are well protected. Dash panels are very hard to clean of overs motivation.


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