Another important step regarding auto painting is to properly maintain and clean your tools and equipment. This article is hoping to emphasize properly cleaning your spray gun.

You Made It This Far
One of the common problems that I've seen as an instructor is students attempting to paint with pattern problems. An improperly cleaned paint gun can cause exact problems, which could are usually now being prevented if the spray gun possess been properly cleaned the prior use. You spent day long repairing and prepping this car, don't let filthy spray gun ruin it into your life.

It is really simple to prevent a lot of the spraying problems by instantaneously cleaning. The key is to clean off it each time which you the spray gun. We certainly have different cleaning systems, but they are all designed to remove all coatings from to send and receive of the gun. Once the gun is clean you can still wipe it dry and store it for the next use.

No Lunch Breaks
Another thing that you won't want to do is to cellular lining painting a car and opt to lunch before washing the gun. If you get in, it may be within. All catalyzed products have pot life. This are the days you have once the chemicals can be before it starts just harden. Many of you that we use supply 30 minute or a lot less pot life. Therefore, if you finished clear coating an auto and decide to clean and go to dinner, you may come here we are at a gun full to jell. This makes it very difficult to clean the gun. It now may need a full tear down and fresh and clean each part. No for the morning breaks, clean it right after each use.

Cleaning Procedure
Cleaning procedures will vary dependent on what type of gun cleaner beneath rug ., but I think there a few basic guideline to follow.

  1. Always remain safety first. Wear equipment, eye protection, and a paint respirator to circumvent the chemicals.

  2. Poor all left over coatings into an prescribed medication container. This may be a recycling system or a container like a 55 quart drum. If you choose this waste, you must address it like hazardous waste. You'll need to have a company attached to Safety Clean haul rid of it for you.

  3. Clean the tip and fluid nozzle safely with lacquer thinner also another stylish brush. This is where most of the problems are caused coming from.

  4. Clean the remaining outdoor areas the gun with brush or could possibly gun washer.

  5. Put considerably clean lacquer thinner relating to the cup and put the lid on and shake. Then pull the trigger allowing the thinner to run your gun.

  6. Once it's empty, dry with on a clean cloth.

  7. Now it's ready for storage.

Every Step Is an important part For The Professional
If you properly clean your gun after with it each time, you won't have many of the spray gun problems. We'll talk about the different problems and how to correct them in another article. However, properly maintaining and cleaning your tools and equipment is an important part of this business. As a way to be the best, you need to understand to perform every increase properly and to the very best of your abilities. That is what can be done to be a professional in our industry.

by Donnie Smith


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