If you are a business in the automotive industry and seeking to increase sales and services planning a strong online presence is critical.

SEO is becoming the competitive arena in a number of industries, making it harder businesses to compete for top search engine result pages on Google, Bing, Msn. The good news for the automotive industry is that simply 5% of automotive repair shop companies are actively marketing the website or services. I personally have noticed a huge growth in automotive marketing online in California, but other areas of the country have been a masse slower to adapt. So what does this indicate for automotive repair shops nationwide? A huge opportunity for automotive providers to beat the home through actively marketing their website through search engine optimization and making themselves more display on business directories online you may rate and review outlets. The world has moved clear of flipping through the thick Yellowpages Book to keep in mind local businesses (more useful as a result of paperweight) and has moved towards Google. com. Whether on the computer, Smartphone, or tablet.

So whats the next level? Do a simple local test search online to see where business enterprise ranks among the home. (e. g. search "your town / surrounding towns" Auto Repair or maybe more specific searches "your town" alignment repair, "your town" haven repair). After doing listed here are test searches how does your business rank? Top of ever wondered page, second page, bottom of each third page, not visible from the start? By doing this test you can easily get a clear understanding to rank locally online when compared to competition. If your company is at the top of the search results rudimentary, but do not can be bought comfortable. Stay offensive and bolster that position by achieving a SEO company or attending an seo workshop. If your business is not ranked on the top, start planning. Reach out to a couple of SEO consultative companies, evaluating pricing and packages, move workshops, get your self listed in online directories, join journalism websites, and have men and women leave reviews on not websites. SEO Packages typically range any where from $300/month - $1500/month according to the local competition and degree heavy lifting needed to be done to get your company to the top.

Key Takeaway: If whether you're automotive repair industry and would like to get ahead do sufficiently and start planning an effective internet marketing strategy. You will be prior to when the marketing curve and an individual a direct impact upon revenue.


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