The auto glass up your vehicle plays significant role for your vehicle. The windshield like for example provides important structural support for a lot of vehicles. The windows and windshield bring different types of wellbeing glass, each specially designed to protect you when you are an accident. In 2002, the lady 330, 000 vehicles have been involved since in rollover accidents, and the windshields and windows regarding vehicles played an important role in each case.

How is Car windows Made?

Laminated Glass

Windshields are made of an alternative type of glass than the rest of the windows found on car. The windshield uses what's called laminated glass. Used so that 1927, laminated glass appeared by placing a even sheet of adhesive plastic between two layers of the company's glass. This transparent plastic is referred to as polyvinyl butyrate, or PVB, and is infused your glass using extreme heat and pressure. The PVB sheet props up glass together when you are impact, and prevents your truth is windshield from shattering. This helps prevent further problems for the occupants that could be caused from the shattered glass.

Tempered Glass

On the flip side, all the remaining windows linked with an vehicle, including the backsides window, are constructed of tempered glass. This tempered glass is generated using rapid air conditioning methods, which strengthen your truth is glass. When the architectural stability of tempered glass is compromised, it won't shatter; rather, it splits into small, pebble-like pieces which are dull, and do truly cut like shattered magnifying glaas.

So what does this mean to you? Well, motor optimization, laminated glass is repairable, but tempered glass had not been. This is the belief that you see companies that promise windshield repair, but hardly window repair.


Windshields are critical to the structural credibility of vehicles. In the action of an accident, the windshield will be able to take the kinetic energy by reviewing the impact and disperse it evenly with the passenger compartment of the vehicle, protecting the occupants.

In the knowledge of a rollover, the windshield prevents the rooftop from collapsing inward inside the passenger compartment. In cars, the windshield can provide up to 50% of the automobile's rollover strength.

Windshields are also designed to operate collectively with your vehicle's airbags. Properly installed windshields provide support to the back of the airbag, sustaining it and letting it fully deploy into all occupant compartment, rather than inside the dash.


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