Ok you have sandpapered all the rust off, filled it with bloodstream filler and painted it and you are pleased with the rust removal repair. A month or so later you walk over notice a bubble during the paintwork in equivalent place you did your repair and you have got to start the rust removal repair just as before. How can this how can?

Well here is the principal:

Preparation. This is the key to the rust removal manner. If you don't get this right then the rest of the repair will be an injury. First you need to try to mask of the area that you don't want to be put on. This is tedious but fantastic hobby your repair to look professional then it is a must. Use masking tape as well as begin brown paper. Next grind or sandpaper the rust before you are back to shiny s / s. Now this is where different rust removal repairs are amiss. You need to really be thorough.

Even if a reddish dot of rust left this will spread again like a cancer and eventually be back at which you were before. If you do find a black dot of rust frustration to keep sanding this down given it you will wear the metal down to some extent that it is so thin that it'll be susceptible to rust time and time defeats the whole definition of the original rust removal.

One way I use to do something about them is to drill a hole right through the midst of that pesky dot until it contains disappeared. One or two skin pores made by an 1/8th part drill are not going to cause any weakness to the panel professionals who log in cover them with filler each good brush with corrode treatment, Any larger holes most likely be fixed with glass fibre and even larger holes will be needing a patch welded from. So if you remote the panel down and still get black patch say bigger than the size of your thumbnail stop there and seek help and advice, unless you have access to the correct body work equipment and discover how to do the larger mend.

Assuming it is virtually no big job the next common mistake is using body filler. Even some professionals will fill the repair and and leave the ac unit overnight uncovered. In their day they return to the application and spray it with primer then the top coat. Little do the know that body filler is porous and caters for moisture. It will go unseen and lie dormant a good deal one fine day generally if the moisture will rise using the surface and raise its ugly head. You won't grow it until a bubble appears on your own paintwork.

In order the most prevalent this happening, you must spray the body filler any time you can with a protective coat even of top coat professionals who log in sand it off the next day. I have even adapted a welding torch extra of my repair the way heat the filler and incredibly eliminate any moisture. Don't take the chance that it be bone dry or you do live to regret whilst it.

This is a very conclusion of how to remove rust and create a good long lasting corrode repair. It is not an emotional repair and these sticks could save you a handsome profit in repair bills. You need to know how to repair dents and other alike motoring money saving tips check out my Auto Repair site.


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