The ChipsAway (CA) franchise was arose in 1988 with several individuals over 65 years of automotive restoration experience did find a vast need for a competent and economical way sorted chipped paint and other automotive problems related to ongoing everyday driving.

The system were initially developed for professional use only, but subsequent research in addition to development has simplified ones own CA system, thus allowing an individual be trained to make high quality repairs.

CA's reputation for delivering substantial, and unsurpassed training and support means CA to spread worldwide with so much CA licensees who enjoy making a tremendous income.

Regardless of who will cover the repairs, the customers or auto dealer, they have to choose one of the following three options:

The Body Shop - Assure insure a high completely, permanent repair, current shop paint technology requires entire panels that should be repainted, even for the little scratches or chips. Into labor, material, and eco waste removal expenses, the average body shop is charge hundreds of dollars for them to repairs, and normally require automobile in their shop for a few days.

Touch Up - Conserving touch-up systems normally fiber conventional auto body paint being applied in a very un-conventional manner. Some dab paint up for a brush or like a Q-tip, others spray it via a airbrush, and others shoot it from the hypodermic needle. Most repairs done pick which gift are inexpensive, but products you can repair is normally discounted.

The unique CA process means that you can offer retail consumers, auto dealers, rental car companies and insurance companies with high quality, permanent repairs for a third of what can be expected at an appearance shop. With the FLORIDA paint restoration process, most repairs are completed in just an hour, right in the parking lot or even the retail customer's driveway. CA's exact match blended paints can mix and test within minutes, right in front of their customer, assuring total surefire satisfaction.

ChipsAway offers you limited markets...

- Retail Mobile Services

Many FLORIDA licensees provide services at listings and offices, repairing marks and scuffs on latter model automobiles. The customer receives high - class, reasonably priced repairs overnight instead of days, reason behind guaranteed color match.

- Wholesale Mobile Service

Each as easy as pie unit establishes a route characterized by five to eight automotive related customers, like used and new car dealers, lease isdn simply, detail shops and muscular shops, that will grow to be used for the weekly visit from their CA licensee.

- Market Potential

CA research indicates that each market of a million people has in any other case 450 new and used automotive dealers and 1500 lesser type customers like Auto Body Shops, car washes, reconditioning shops, auto customizing shops, and automotive the malls.

- Store Front Location Services

Insurance reports say that the average vehicle amazon 15, 000 miles has got between $250 and $500 of many cosmetic paint damage. Diminution like small scratches, fender scuffs, damaged wheels, get rid of covers etc. Commonly, people are disappointed to find that most of these types of rehabs fall below their tax deductible, thus creating a publicity problem for insurance details.

As an Authorized CA Repair Facility you can make repairs to key scores, bumper scuffs, damaged wheels and wheel covers for a lot of normal cost.

The scam includes International Paint Formulas, and over one $ 100 or so CA tints and special additives to combine paints for all detailed and updated database and late models automobiles sold in the world.

CA even has a place Repair System which extends your capabilities to provide repairing key scratches, fender scuffs, wheel covers, etc.

While I am not a CA franchise owner I've over 20 years of experience in the paint renew industry, and the CA system may sound like top notch in my very own book. The only thing missing is knowledge on how to market yourself online. It will include regional internet reasonable price at no, or simplified cost

As with all companies, do your own homework world wide web company. Check the referrals online and be sure approach a licensee.

With proper common advertising models, the Chips Away method truly winner for you! A good internet marketing and mentoring coach can help to do this at a few of the cost of the CA franchise.

Using proven understanding and consistent effort, Chelsea A. Ewing is a successful entrepreneur and business owner.


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