Question = " I acquired a used car, & the windshield provides a haze or film upon it, that won't come removed from. I wash it & therefore it comes back, what do i do?

Answer = The haze or film generally from cigarette smoke. That's right either the ex-owner regarding your car was a smoker and the haze/film just became a problem someone while driving or driving your vesicle is cigarette. The bad news is you're tied to it, the good there is help.

After 20 years of installing auto glass, I've seen people try everything, with no luck. It always comes back whether or not the glass is replaced. The reason why? The smoke gets wherein A/C/Heat Filters, the dash, headliner, & upholstery. As a result, when you use your A/C or heater on line casinos smoke is recirculated such as on the windshield by adding the defroster.

The Cure is simple but must be repeated often. First you must get a couple items

#1. Paper towels (thicker, the better),

#2. Glass Cleaner (any will continue to work but the best site in order to is a foaming tumbler cleaner, comes in a spray can & can be obtained at your local vehicle supply store),

#3. ITS bottle of Rain-X Anti-Fog. The initial step is to wash the lining of the windshield at least twice making sure to cut out any/all signs of the haze/film (tip provided you can remove the rearview mirror), then take a healthy paper towel & consist of the Rain-X Anti-Fog to the windshield you should definitely keep adding more over towel & to cover entire windshield. It seems to work & be very durable if you apply a much amount(don't skimp or soak) Depending on the amount of time you drive & how many times the A/C or Heater can be, will determine how often this process will need to be repeated.


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