Before you go here on 115v mig welders, you need to promise that you will never weld a trailer hitch with anything just one 230 v mig welder, and also a 230 volt arc welding device... Promise?   OK please read on.

115 volt mig welders have some limitations and the great an excellent way to begin with welding. For way not as much as 500 dollars, you can pick up a good 115 v  MIG welder as well as start practicing welding active in the week. (sometimes shipping is even free) Exactly what can you get for less in comparison with 500 dollars?   On offer the most powerful 115 v  MIG welder available understand that weld up to 1/4" material.

I don't ever recommend at home 115 v  MIG welder that could be a flux core only welder... (unless it's smokin deal like a reputable brand for just 200 dollars). A flux core only MIG welder is not always versatile enough. Once you add possessing weld with bare twine, lots of options is possible.

For less than 500 bucks on offer a Hobart mig welding machine that runs off 115 volts and welds while fighting bare wire or flux your mid-section.

What can you do and then a 140 amp 115 volt MIG welding vacuum pressure?

  • Fix a garden tractor deck

  • build up youtube videos lawnmower or bush hog blade

  • make a pair of shelves

  • modify or develop a custom bicycle

  • fix a cracked exhaust manifold ( with many tricks like preheat this is adding a nickel rod of the aforementioned other hand)

  • make welding sculptures

  • weld topper in auto body panels

  • make shooting targets for that buddies

  • make a letterbox guard

  • build beam brackets for being an outdoor deck

  • modify the motor mounts for an brother in laws 1970 Chevelle Spicy Rod

The great thing more than a 115 volt mig machine is when you ever decide wine to match . upgrade to a 230 volt mig welding system, The 115 volt machine is actually very useful because it lets you do run. 023" bare wire the best idea thing since sliced loaves of bread for welding thin auto body patches.


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