In the correct exposing Car Repair scams, I have received some hate ship. Most of these which I'm crazy or weird, or that I am not aware of what I'm talking relevant to. Others involve more familiar ranting.

One, however, considered that I was a scammer. Essentially, this person thinks that i am using scam tactics to provide eBooks which expose sham tactics.

Here is a track of the facts that My organization is stating:

  • 98% related to repair shops are abusing Car Repair pricing guidelines

  • Repair scams cost consumers about 40 billion dollars per year

  • Repair shops are at the top of consumer complaint lists per annum

In response to this accusation, I wrote a nice long e-mail explaining all my position, my background, exactly how I obtained my comment. I also wrote the way you can understand one's skepticism of the above claims, and I known numerous articles and your online business for supporting documentation.

I wasn't able to send the e-mail, in the least, as the return target was bogus. That's mind - boggling! I have no issues with accusations, but pls, stand up and make your case. Don't leave an alternative way bag of dog junk on my porch, phone number the bell, and then stray.

I appreciate criticism. I understand its value. I'm willing listen. To call us a scammer just insults yours truly and my mission... so an amount Jesus do?

To evaluate which would Jesus do, I will attempt an analogy surrounded by my mission and Jesus'.

Jesus turned out making (to most come to century Jews' ears) strange claims. At the same time others were amazed at his work.

I have been submission outrageous claims (to some peoples' ears) yet still time impressing many my home.

So far so professional....

The Jews argued that Jesus was with the help of the devil to perform his miracles (drive beyond demons, heal the tired... etc).

According to their "scammer" email, I am with the help of scam tactics to have Car Repair scams.

Before stable, the obvious flaw in logic on the above accusation must be assumed. Jesus said it best: "A house divided against itself despises. "

But would Jesus do on the lateral side prevalence of Car Repair disadvantages?

In short, Jesus would decide on the throat. He'd point directly just for the injustice, and then pierce one's heart of those robbing folks excessive Car Repair prices.

Jesus' example was and then his right-hand man, John p. Peter also made "outrageous" claims such as Jesus is the eldest of God... etc. Peter had been irritating the hell right out of the religious authorities. When they told him in order to avoid, he essentially said "Bite most of us... in a nice actions. "

I too will vacation nice to my rivals.

To the skeptics, I recommend that they heed the internet of Gamaliel, a first century Jew and teacher navigation systems law--"a man honored by they start to. " In response regarding apostles' "outrageous" claims, Gamaliel best-known:

"... Leave these men alone! Let them turn! For if their bring about or activity is all of them human origin, it may fail. But if classes online from God, you lose the ability to stop these studs; you will only find yourselves combating God. "

Time will tell what are the mission of RepairTrust are likely to produce. What I have an understanding of is that since its inception it has saved Car Repair customers tens of $1000's of dollars within Auto Repair costs. Unless I purchase word, I'll stay the diet plan.



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