A Different World
The collision repair marketplace is changing fast. Not too long ago cars were not have with much plastic. Usually, interior parts, but even substantial amount of inside of a car was developed with metal. In record 15 to 20 years now, plastics and composites have became needed for interior, exterior, arenas, mechanical parts, etc. Plastic isn't an going any where, so have to learn how to do the repair properly.

Why Plastic?
The government started pushing car manufacturers to make cars more affordable fuel efficient. One obvious solution was to get a car lighter. This is that if car makers started towards metal and other materials to reduce weight in vehicles. Brighter metal started being constructed, such as high strength steel permitting the metal to currently have equivalent strength with decidedly thinner metal. At once, engineers started brainstorming and they usually started using light weight plastic for every parts that were produced from steel. Apparently, the outcome was positive, as there is a bit more plastic in each new body type of cars.

More Fuel Economy
To today the government is requiring car maker in order to reach certain requirements opt to sell car in the state of arizona. Therefore, the automakers are going to do what ever it takes in achieving this. I believe we will cause more plastic, aluminum, carbon fibre, and other composites in the years to come.

Like It Or Detest It
There are many technicians that do not like working with parts. However, whether we think it? great or not, the fact it's here to stay is a pretty safe bet. I am not trying to promote the employment of plastic, but we have to teach technicians how to properly repair it.

New Methods
With all of the plastics, companies such as 3M allow us some awesome products repair plastic. There are a a small number folks out there that may wish to use a plastic welding machine, but the adhesive furniture has really made this easy. Sure, there are many concerns for repairing pouches than repairing metal, however plastic is repaired including, it's as good in cases where new.

by Donnie Smith


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