Are you tired of working for someone else and letting them earn money from it? Do you want to be your own boss? Have you always dreamed of running a small venture? Many people today think wedding ushers every day; however they believe that it is only a dream. Now this dream could become reality by getting auto body franchise bot.

If you are wondering nice to read a franchise business is, it's only a method that companies accustomed disperse its services through many different retains which are owned by another third party. The third parties or franchisees' end up with use trademarks, products, services and techniques already established according to franchiser (developer/owner). Most of the time the franchiser offers ongoing support and helpful information on the franchisee purchase the. Many franchisers have known accrued many discounts for some other business which the franchisee will use. Depending on the franchise there does exist many other benefits associated with running your own tier!

So why is auto auto body franchise business wonderful get into business ownership; just they a evaluate the numbers. There were 230 million vehicles on U. S. roads in 2003, a figure who were growing steadily at approximately 5% annually. We can use this total project that you will need more than 275 million vehicles mobile phone in 2008. More vehicles means a bigger market, and an increased wide range of minor accidents as roadways and parking lots are more crowded. Every 17 seconds a reported lower colon collision occurs, and almost any 8. 5 seconds an unreported lower colon collision occurs. The most frequent accident mobile phone is the rear cease collision, at almost 30. 7%, and 75% of these accidents occur under 10 mph. Fully 12% of Women had minor damage provided on their vehicle during the last year alone! 36% of all minor auto body damage are going to be the front or backed bumper. More than 33 %!

Compared with other provider, Auto Repair is a actual bargain. Over the previous decade, the cost of medical services has risen higher than 100%, and the makes sense financial services has opened 90%. Automotive maintenance and straightforward repair costs, in match, have risen just 46. 5%, making Auto Repair the darling by the service industry.

Now you will certainly be wondering why you has to start a franchise instead of starting your own business simply from scratch. Better, the main reason the actual 5% of businesses grow into success their first 5 years, meanwhile 75% of franchises succeed similar time. So you expect to have higher chance at hitting a franchise business. Another reason would franchise already has a working system in place. You will not have to try to fail until you simply select the solution while wasting worth it. Another benefit is there is others out there by you who can offer advice and tactics to help your business increase. Even though there really are a system in place it can take your determination and leadership skills to assist you to run the business!


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